Indiana Labrador & Retriever Puppies

Are you interested in adding a puppy to your family? For more than a decade, Strong Retrievers has been breeding beautiful, healthy puppies and providing them for those living in and around Southeast Indiana. We have the experience it takes to breed happy, healthy puppies, and we can show you retrievers for sale in Indiana that you will love. Whether you want a chocolate lab, a yellow lab or a golden retriever, we have the breed you are looking for, and we would be more than happy to tell you all about the retriever puppies for sale from our latest litters. We even offer stud service to those looking to utilize it.

Chocolate labs, yellow labs and golden retrievers are all great family dogs, and they will provide you with years of companionship and love. At Strong Retrievers, we take pride in our labs and golden retrievers for sale in Indiana, and we use all of the latest breeding practices to make sure that the dog you take home with you is as healthy as it can be. From caring for puppies during their earliest days to getting puppies access to the medical care they need during the first few weeks of their lives, we take the necessary steps to breed dogs successfully and take excellent care of our young pups. We also take care of our customers, too, and take the time to answer any questions people might have before purchasing our retriever puppies for sale.

If you have been thinking about taking on the responsibility of owning a chocolate lab, yellow lab or golden retriever, Strong Retrievers can show you our labs and retrievers for sale in Indiana and speak with you about what sets each specific breed apart. We have helped so many individuals and families add retrievers to their families, and we welcome the opportunity to help you next. Contact Strong Retrievers today to get more information on our upcoming puppy litters.

CHOCOLATE LABS: Once considered the least desirable of the Labrador colors, chocolate lab puppies are now extremely popular. They have a medium brown coat, an intelligent disposition, and eyes that will melt your heart.

YELLOW LABS: From a creamy white to a shade of butterscotch to an almost-red hue, yellow lab puppies come in a wide range of yellowish colors. Regardless of the shade, they are all adorable and mature into gorgeous, smart dogs.

GOLDEN RETRIEVERS: Known for being incredibly intelligent, golden retriever puppies always seem to be on a mission. They are often very energetic dogs, making them great pups for active couples and families.

Learn more about our currently available and upcoming pups by calling us today at 765-698-8164.